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MUG Enterprise:

Managing the Space Between You and Your Customers

When it comes to selecting call center consultants what should you choose? One with system and product experience? Operational and productivity experience? What about compliance and training? At MUG Enterprise, you don’t need to choose since you get it all with experience that can be measured in centuries.


Take the guess work out of campaigns and put your agents back to work!
Avaya DevConnect Tested!

Staying compliant is Job One for most call centers and Interceptor helps get you there. Interceptor identifies Cell, VOIP or Landline from calling lists to be loaded to Proactive Contact Systems.

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Phone Zone

The Avaya Predictive Dialer is second to none but even it requires updates. Did you know that the dialer's area code tables must be updated otherwise accounts with area codes not found in the table will simply not be called? With Phone Zone, all this is taken care of for you - no more missed opportunities because of accounts falling through the cracks.

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Interceptor Plus

Featuring Time Zone Correction
Avaya DevConnect Tested!

Interceptor Plus gives you cell, VOIP, Landline identification AND includes time zone correction. It's a fact that most people retain their cell numbers even if they move across the country. Unfortunately, this causes problems such as calling customers before or after legal calling times.

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Managing the Space Between You and Your Customers!