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Our consulting team knows that no two call centers are alike even if they are in the same company. That is one of the key reasons we don’t push benchmarking studies. Providing information on how “others” run their contact center doesn’t necessarily create the environment you want for your customers or your staff. MUG Enterprise obtains information from management as to how you want customers treated.

Armed with this information we explore your operations, systems, MIS, training, agents and goals. If it has impact on a customer it’s reviewed but unlike consulting firms that give you a list of issues to correct we show and share with you in detail how to correct them. We’ll deliver custom developed formulas for your sites on establishing realistic goals that you can share with your agents step by step so they’ll fully understand you are not pulling production requirements out of the air. We teach you how to build staffing models that work, so when we depart you’ll have the tools you need to meet your corporate goals. You’ll have total control of your contact center’s productivity and quality. In addition, with our PACE review program a full compliance review can also be included.