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Interceptor Plus

Like Interceptor, Interceptor Plus gives you cell, Toll, and landline identification but additionally includes time zone correction. It is a fact that most people retain their cell numbers even if they move across the country. Unfortunately, this causes problems within many call centers such as calling customers before or after legal calling times.

With Interceptor Plus, you will include the record’s zip code, receiving back the corrected time zone in the same format used by Proactive Contact. Now you can include or exclude time zones using standard call selections. It is also possible to force the system to change the internal time zone for these records for those that do not wish to control the process with the system’s call selection. This will also be a feature­­­ coming with Avaya 5.1 Proactive Contact release, the system will read in the Interceptor Plus time zone and force the change automatically!­

Covers both US and Canada