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Phone Zone

The Avaya Predictive Dialer is second to none but even it requires updates. Did you know that the dialer’s area code tables must be updated? Otherwise accounts with area codes not found in the table will simply not be called. With Phone Zone, all this is taken care of for you – no more missed opportunities because of accounts falling through the cracks. With Phone Zone installed on any server with web access it logs on to the MUG Enterprise site and retrieves the latest updated area codes for the US and Canada.

Your system will be scheduled to pull in the new file during non-calling hours. In addition, the system will email you to let you know that your files are up-to-date! Safe and effective since you transmit no data, it’s the only automated means of updating your Avaya Proactive Contacts that is Avaya tested!


  • Question: How would I know if my system codes aren’t updated?
    ­­­­ Answer: For the file to be updated, someone on your staff would have needed the information and preformed the update manually..
  • Question: How often do new area codes come out?
    ­­­­ Answer: More often than you would think, currently new area codes are in queue for the next 2 years.
  • Question: Are the eastern provinces of Canada included?
    ­­­­ Answer: All of Canada is included.